For the Dignity Of Rachael

This site is dedicated to honoring Rachael Anne Keogh, whose death at the hands of a psychopathic predator was entirely avoidable and was squandered due to the ineptitude of a police officer attached to Mill Park police in failing to carry out his duty as required per legislation.

The degree of complicity that can be apportioned to the police is to be measured in the actions of the police themselves in facilitating a whitewash allowing a murderer to walk free, the evidence of which is available on the website and to this day remains unchallenged by authorities that have had to restort frame-ups and false imprisionment in an attempt to silence me.

I was a full time political activist at the time of Rachael’s death and it has become a focal point for my activism, as a means of demonstrating that this was not an aberration, but business as usual.

The function of police has never been to serve and protect, they have no way of acting as a preventative force, as in relation to domestic violence, and officers are not adequately trained to identify and deal with narcissistic predators.

The function of police has, and always will be, to keep order; to make sure we remain compliant wage slaves.

During periods of severe crisis the ruling class fear that conditions will become so intolerable for the workingclass, that they will have nothing more to lose and rise up against the criminal order that has suppressed them and visited many deprivations upon them and is the reason for the escalation in the level of violence employed by police that is carried out with complete impunity.

This video is important to watch as it goes through this history that has been suppressed so workers are oblivious to further measures already prepared in dealing any opposition to the status quo

It is far more important to pass on vital knowledge to as many of my brothers and sisters as possible. To seek retribution on individual officers whose reprehensible behaviour is driven by the nature of the system itself teaches us nothing but an eye for an eye.

I am an activist but above all a humanist, as was my beautiful Rachael and as a community I believe we have conditioned into accepting the unacceptable.

There is nothing more sacred than the miracle of life and it is up to us to uphold the sanctity of all life on the planet.

If we have leaders that treat life as no more than an expendable commodity, it is our duty to each other to remove them from power, otherwise we are responsible for their crimes.

We set the bar as to the health of our society. Voting for war criminals for 15 years has just about buried it 6 ft under and Tony Abbott is the PM we earned and Turnbull is going to make him look like mother Teresa. Change is contingent upon our courage, and our willingness to fight for a society where we all thrive and all can be proud.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to visit and ensuring my darling girl is not just another statistic of an insane society. She lived, she was my best friend and I am unapologetically bias when I say I believe Rachael is the most beautiful human being to ever walk this earth…her pain and beauty are there for all to see in her poetry, and I am grateful for this legacy she left that will keep us connected always and she will only leave this earth the day I draw my last breath.

I wish you all love peace and happiness and may sanity prevail.

David J Dieni