My best friend, “The Chick Girl”

Rachael turned my life upside from the moment we met, we just clicked immediately. She is the only person to affect how I spoke, repeating her idioms, or has had any influence over how I think and approah things. She taught me to be tolerant of even those that had caused harm and Rachael herself was incapable of bearing a grudge towards anyone at all. She radiated kindness and beauty wherever she went. The world was more vibrant alive, the sun brighter, the grass greener, the chatter of people was like music hanging in the air. And it was like she knew everyone she met, no matter where we were, and it was just because of her love of people and learning new things, and sharing what she knew, that would have her “gas-bagging”, as she put it, non stop.

For our first outing she had organized a night at Dracula’s, as she had been previously and had a great night, so that’s where we had to go, and that night how much she enjoyed the evening was totally dependent on how funny I found the show. I thought it was hilarious….”when I was a sperm I had a lot to learn”…She was so pleased I thought she would self conbust.

My darling girl was a seriously gifted person both artistically and academically, and there was not a hint of hubris, she just loved learning and creating. Her phenomenal command of the Enlish language and her sensitivity to everthing around her is evident in her poetry that appears on the website as well as the emotional trauma she suffered due to BPD, that was just heartbreaking.

Rachael loved to share what she knew and she could tell you how this or that artist mixed his paints and the brush stokes employed, and the perspective….Often we would sit for hours and she would recite stories of Greek mythology and their history with genuine excitment, they were some of the best times of my life, just sitting and listening to Rach.

Rachael taught me so much in such a short time, that only in her passing can I fully appreciate what is now missing.

She would crack me up all the time. “Meet me back here in 10 minutes” always ended up with me waitng an hour for her… no concept of time at all. She would eventually wander back oblivious of how long she had taken, holding a huge ice cream I told her not to buy me, “because I am too fat”. She was hysterical.

Rachael was the most beautiful human being to have ever lived as far as I am concerned, I cannot imagine another as beautiful as she…my life is that of Peter Pan without Tinkerball………….the magic has gone with her, and the joy she bought into my life. She is my best friend until the day I draw my last breath…and her name will be the last words I utter,


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