Ginger and peppermint tea


Political discussion in the 21st century is a mixture of meaningless pseudo left/right mudslinging, and anti-Semitic, anti-communist racist vilification and slanders. T o give this toxic cocktail an effervescent appeal, add liberal doses of hysteria and fear with issues that the lay person cannot possibly verify in fluoridation, anti-vaccinations and the like (all of which are meant to obscure the underlying causes of the worsening crisis) shake it like crazy, and “voila”….the 21st resurrection of an old favourite that will have half the nation blind drunk, and the other half blind sided….”The dog chasing it’s tail”. Add the Illuminati and shape shifters, its up to you , it’s not like you can get it wrong.

Or you could brew a pretentious pot of ginger and peppermint tea and consider a hypothesis whereby the “law, the nation state, race, money, multiculturalism, religion” are all fictitious, and our belief in their validity is the due to indoctrination….and the things in our lives we take for granted, that we don’t even think about because they are second nature….are fake…they are methods of mind control that are the matrix, the purpose of which is to dupe us into a life of enslavement extracting the wealth of the earth that belongs to all and handing it over to a handful of reprobates that have accumulated obscene wealth beyond our comprehension.

Thus, initiating challenges to the elites through the fiction of the legal system for example, is the road to 100% certain defeat, as you have subordinated yourselves to their authority, via one of their fictitious mind control constructs.

If you are not being denounced as a heathen or a barbarian for defying the letter of the law ….you are doing something wrong and need to review your tactics.