For the Dignity Of Rachael. The state sanctioned murder of Rachael Anne Keogh


Rachael Anne Keogh lived with me four almost four years (2007/2010), she was my soul mate, my constant companion and my dearest friend. She had been a severely abused as a child and suffered from borderline personality disorder as a result. Her recovery, well being, and happiness were more important to me than my own. After all she had gone through, including an abusive marriage and systematic abuse as a nurse in the army in East Timor for which she was discharged, she bore no malice towards anyone and was the most beautiful, gentle, generous, funny, intelligent and unique person I will ever know, she changed my life from the day we met and I am lost without her. The tragedy at her loss of life was compounded by the fact she had made so much progress fighting her disorder and was positive and looking forward to the future for the first time in her life. My darling girl had her life taken from her on the 4/4/2011 by her psychopathic fiance, who was her first boyfriend from 17 years earlier, and was able to dupe her as he had her trust.

Rachael’s murder, like many domestic violence murders was avoidable, the police had been warned and failed to act according to legislation, something I have learnt is commonplace, as was the whitewashed engineered to cover up their misconduct, facilitated with coronal complicity.

The evidence supporting my allegations against police and the coroner is water tight and posted in full. The crimes committed by the police in rewriting and tampering with coronal evidence and aiding an abetting a murder, just to name two of the more serious offences of the myriad they committed, would see any of us jailed for many years.

It was evident that the police operated above the law with impunity, that was to be seen in their proficiency in carrying out the whitewash, and the subsequent frame up and jail time I was subjected to, to shut me up, all carried out without fuss, without hiccup….just another day at the office.

In carrying out the whitewash it was necessary for police to bar me from attending Rachael’s funeral, I was not even permitted a viewing to pay my last respects, and to this day I do not know her final resting place.

Rachael’s killer barred all but immediate family from attending the funeral…all of whom had abused Rachael as a child and whom she had been ostracized from for many years. They attended the funeral not out of respect for Rachael, they were circling vultures after her property, which was carved up among those whom did her nothing but harm.

That the degenerates responsible believe they have the right to trash the remains of a human being whose demise was the result of their incompetence and stupidity to begin with, is an act of grotesque hubris. Officers of the law they are not, they do not qualify as human, they are the lowest scum on the planet, hoodlums and cowards that reside at the bottom of the cesspool in their own muck and filth.

As a political activist there were no illusions about the sham democracy that exists in this country and the difficulties this represented, however the outright hostility and the callous indifference to the loss of human life by all those encountered in the “so called” justice system without exception was alarming, including three legal representatives, all of whom all colluded with police, to derail my defense. After paying $11, 000 to stay in jail, the only option was a guilty plea on time served, or indefinite incarceration. I  respond to Dave or to prisoner no 200141

This type of treatment of Australian citizens is hardly an aberration and is nothing compared to the crime committed against  Schappelle Corby, The Bali Nine, David Hicks, Maboo Habib Jack Thomas to name but a few, for reasons of political expediency and reaction, our lives are worthless, we represent units of labor, a commodity just like any other to the psychopaths in charge. (2)  psychopaths is axiomatic.

We are nothing more than cattle to them, but a problem arises in pacifying the cattle, as wages cuts due to competition translate into crashing economies as we can no longer afford to buy that which we produce, and crisis sets in. (2)

It is during crisis that class antagonisms are laid bare, as the mask of sham democracy can no longer be maintained, as government overtly works to shore up risk to business to the detriment to the majority.     The concerns that workers may take matters into their own hands in opposition to the further ramping of austerity measures has had the state implement over 50 draconian laws that all override the constitution, strips us of all our rights entirely and is rule by executive fiat, which is the transitional period from sham democracy to fully fledged fascist police state.

The jails fill with the victims of the state, the mentally ill in particular who make up 80% of those incarcerated, who have little or no access to proper care. I observed them being systematically de humanized and brutalized Their medications are deliberately altered or change without explanation to cause maximum distress and anxiety, and they are not permitted enough funds per week to sustain a regular cigarette habit that the majority of the mentally ill rely on as a soothing crutch. The psychological undermining of inmates by so called “trained professionals” is nothing less than sadistic assault that warrants those responsible to stand trial for crimes against humanity.

The prevailing conception of justice itself is abysmal, brutal ruling class oppression. Prison does not act as a deterrent, and is known to be one of the worst ways in dealing with anti-social behavior…its an answer to nothing, but it does serves to obscure, to shield those who are responsible for an untold number of unnecessary deaths that occur each day…….those that make the life and death decisions we have to deal with, the cabal of psychopaths referred to earlier. Arrant misanthropes whose policies are formulated ad hoc in total subservience to the demands of the financial oligarchy who view with abhorrence the allocating of resources to maintain the essential services required to meet the needs of the people as an unacceptable impingement on the amassing ever greater levels of obscene wealth, at the expense of the many.

The cuts to services, the attacks on wages and conditions can only occur in a society run by the rich for the rich, a society where everyone else is treated as no more than a trade-able and expendable commodity to be bought, sold, used and discarded, as we are told its time to put an end to the entitlement era…they are of course referring to our entitlements, not theirs that we foot the bill for.

Avoidable deaths such as Rachael’s are the result of the attacks made in order that we pay for a crisis of their making and from which they benefited. The wealth disparity that has been created worldwide and the polices that are being implemented that have put the burden upon workers for this catastrophe cannot be done democratically, they can only be implemented through brutal repression and the erection of a police state, jailing the victims of the crisis and those who come out in opposition to the government measures.

No funds will be put into education, health care and mental health services, only further cuts. The only law reform that will take place is that of the continual curtailing of our limited rights and the further beefing up of a police state.

Punishment is the sole answer the government has for all social ills, as they continue to treat us like expendable commodities to be kept compliant and accept our exploitation as a fiat accompli.

We are not commodities; we must repudiate any such notion. Every one of us is a miracle born of the universe itself…none are expendable, while the misanthropes in power even begrudge us our share of the fruits of the earth to sustain our very lives as a intolerable impediment to amassing ever-more obscene wealth.

The fight for Rachael’s dignity is a fight that is only meaningful if it is fought out as a principled fight for all victims of a despotic state by standing up to the establishment and stating the obvious “the emperor has no clothes”.

We cannot rely upon government officials who are the bought and paid for lackey’s of finance capital, whose only interest is personal power and personal advancement. We can only defend our interests by direct intervention, taking power into our own hands and the reorganizing of society top to bottom, to meet the needs of all humanity. This is a response demanded by history and the environment as necessary for the continuation of life on this planet.

David Dieni

“The individual must not merely wait and criticize, he must defend the cause the best he can. The fate of the world will be such as the world deserves.”

Albert Einstein


Short list of the degenerate low life Neanderthals involved in aiding and abetting the murder of Rachael Anne Keogh.
Snr Constable Matthew Harris
Cn Andrew Howard
Snr Con Stewart
Cn Brown

Patrick Dwyer and Ms Vanderheyden of Patrick Dwyer and associates (solicitors)
422 High St, Northcote VIC 3070.

Mr Scott Ashley (solicitor)
The principle,
Moreland Community Legal Center

ATT. The principle Mr Cini

Feb 11th 2015
Attention the president Katie Miller and Miss O’Shea (media)

Subject; Team 1, level 2 re Case No COR 20111218

Coroner Kim Parkinson…scum sucking degenerate

Incarceration Magistrate Wighton…jerk off

Sentencing Magistrate Wakeling….narcissistic bitch




1. New Scientist–the-capitalist-network-that-runs-the-world.html



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