Rachael’s Poetry

Rachael’s Poetry

______________My little sweetie pie
My beautiful darling girl suffered from borderline personality disorder, the result of severe childhood abuse. She left home at eighteen and apart from her father, she was estranged from the rest of her family the the remainder of her life, her father tragically passed away from melanoma barely a month after Rachael and I met.

Rachael’s poetry is extraordinary, she was a naturally gifted person, who was very knowledgeable and proficient in many disciplines. A grief clinical psychologist I engaged as a grief councillor commented on reading Rachael’s poetry “this girl was a genius”…. a guileless, sweet, kind and generous genius

This is the sum total of what she wrote, eleven pieces in all. They were done over a two week period after a suicide attempt that actually led to the discovery that she had this disorder, as it had gone undiagnosed for years.

She wrote it all off the top of her head, no dictionary, no thesaurus, it was a therapeutic exercise in coping with a difficult period she was going through.

At the time I could not make much of it, because of the many metaphors she employed in conveying her feelings and experiences peculiar to someone suffering with this disorder that I was only beginning to understand.

Upon her death the first thing I did was to search for her poetry, and am grateful to this day to have found it, as it does not allow the barbarians responsible for her death to wipe her off the face of the earth without trace. Rachael Keogh did existed and was the special person I know she was is evident in her own hand, and is the best way of showing the difference between her beauty and that of all decent people and the evil filth that now try to bury her existence completely.

As I read through the lines, I am in her company once again, she will never become a two dimensional memory, her poetry will serve to keep my memories of her vivid and alive until the day I am with her once again.













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