Patrick Dwyer and associates 422 High St, Northcote VIC 3070.

26 September 2013

Dear Mr Dwyer,

This is to inform you that I will be lodging a formal complaint to the Legal Services Commissioner against Ms Vanderheyden and yourself as a preliminary action.

This will allow Ms Vanderheyden the opportunity to explain what provision in the law allows for the deliberate misleading of a client in regards admissibility of evidence and to treat them as essentially mentally defective imbeciles, summarily dismissing their allegations and evidence out of hand, as the products of delusion, while having never met them before, or having prior knowledge of the case or available evidence.

She will also have the opportunity to explain, what provision in the law gave her the legal right to interfere and orchestrate the outcome of a forensic assessment without my knowledge or permission, that was a private dealing between myself and the forensic doctor protected under law, that now was to include a mental health assessment that I told her I wold not consent to undergo under any circumstances, as the case was about evidence, something neither of you had the integrity to address for purposes of self interest that are diametrically opposed to that which is your duty. Ms Vanderheyden, as usual ignored my instructions and in doing so had me undergo an assessment that I had not consented to in a attempt to discredit me and that rendered the report useless for the purpose it was commissioned, and I had spent $1,000 for nothing and remained incarcerated as a result. Not only where the police acting illegally to cover their arses, so were my own council.

What provision in the law gave this degenerate low-life the right to furnish Dr Scott with prejudicial documentation regarding police charges that subsequently formed the basis of the report, charges that I have maintained were spurious and had not been tested in court, and for which council made no effort in ascertaining their veracity. Deceitful, premeditated unethical and no doubt criminal actions, in order to engineer an outcome desired this utter reprobate that was diametrically opposed to that for which the document was commissioned. Actions criminal in their recklessness, carried out with a malicious intent that were potentially life threatening under the prevailing circumstances.

I only learnt that Dr Scott had been furnished the documents in question when he was organizing himself upon arrival the day of the assessment, whereby he held them up scrunched in one hand to indicate he had been given some material. There was no indication on his part that they were to serve as anything other than reference material, nor any attempt made to apprise me, or allow me to address their content. I could only ascertain that there was a letter I had written to you personally Slimebag, as it was hand written, a letter that you did not see fit to respond to, but saw fit to divulge its contents, a personal communication, to the person carrying out my assessment and behind my back.

It took six weeks from the bail hearing where Ms. Vanderheyden was my representative (on paper only) until the completion of the report, by which time I had dismissed your council before she could do further damage to my reputation and my case.

I e-mailed Dr Scott and followed with two phone calls to ensure the report be sent directly to my brother, as you were no longer my representative, a directive that was subsequently ignored as the report was sent to your office.

I don’t know who you gave the report to, but I did not give permission for a potentially sensitive, confidential report that I had not read myself to be handed to anyone but my brother. You treated this document with similar disdain, contempt and disregard for my rights and the potential consequences as everything else, and the result was catastrophic.

The actions of you both to discredit a water tight case makes you both complicit in aiding and abetting a murder. My actions have had but on aim, to have a fellow human being treated with the dignity and respect she deserves, who has suffered death and been treated as worthless by a mob of slothful barbarians and philistines from the cesspool they inhabit. I have a conscience that is clear, and a spotless character that cannot be stained by the malicious slanders that originate from minds that occupy the same cesspool.

Our acts make or mar us, we are the children of our own deeds.

Victor Hugo

David Dieni

This letter will be disseminated as widely as possible as Part of an expose entitled “Cowards and Lackeys”