What does freedom mean?


The recent history of mankind is one of struggles for freedom against oppression, where the oppressors themselves embrace freedom in rhetoric.

Freedom has myriad implications depending on what you are discussing, be it democratic rights or the rights of asylum seekers, the right to gay marriage….women’s rights, men’s right to defend themselves against their mortal enemy…the feminist….cannot forget my indigenous brothers and sisters and the disadvantaged/disabled.

We have had leaders making speeches hailing the virtues of the democracy that we don’t have, and those doing the same when it comes to socialism in Castro and Chavez just mention two of these scoundrels. The debates over which of the two is the superior is like fighting over the merits of the black plague in comparison to cholera….neither of them are representative off their stated perspectives. 

With all the fine words and declarations, the definition of freedom that we seek today is an amorphous intangible entity that most people associate with the law, and so the law is the thing to get right.

The reason freedom is an amorphous entity is because politicians are nothing more than snake oil salesmen for the elites engaging in distortions and double talk, and the freedom and democracy they speak of can mean anything at anytime depending on what they need it to be.. it most often is used to legitimize slaughter for oil/resources.

The adversarial legal system itself is such a farce it is bewildering. A system whereby he who has the greater financial resources can hire the more efficient and professional team of used car swindlers in the horse trading that passes for law.

The following quote from Clarence Darrow, who was a civil liberties lawyer in the united states, is pitiless in exposing the bankruptcy of our law courts

“The fact is that the state furnishes no machinery for arriving at justice. It has no way of arriving at the facts. If the state pretends to administer justice this should be its highest concern. It should not be interested in convicting men or punishing crime, but administering justice between men. It is obvious to the most casual observer that the state furnishes no machinery to accomplish this result.

Government courts exhibit no comprehension whatever of what justice actually is, what it consists in. In Darrow’s words, Some human being has shed his neighbor’s blood; the state must take his life. In no other way can the crime be wiped away. In some inconceivable manner it is believed that when this punishment follows, justice has been done. But by no method of reasoning can it be shown that the injustice of killing one man is retrieved by the execution of another, or that the forcible taking of property is made right by confining some human being in a pen.

The problem is that in no theory of the law is compensation, or recompense, or making good, any part of punishment. If taking the life of the prisoner could bring to life the victim whom he killed there might be some apparent excuse for the punishment of death. If imprisoning in the penitentiary in any way retrieved a wrong or made up a loss, a prison might be tolerated, and some relation might be shown between punishment and crime. Even in cases where a fine is administered, in place of imprisonment, the fine does not go in any way to retrieve any loss, but goes to the state as pure punishment and nothing else.”

“Let any reasoning being,” consider the tens of thousands who have been burned, and hanged, and boiled, and otherwise put to death for witchcraft; the millions for heresy; the thousands of noble victims who have suffered for treason; the victims of fire, of torture, of scaffold, of rack and of dungeon, for all the conceivable crimes since time began. Let him consider the oceans of blood and rivers of tears shed by the force and brutality of the rulers of the world; the cruelty, torture and suffering heaped upon the helpless, the weak, the unfortunate; and then ask himself if he believes that punishment is good. Even could violence ever prevent crime, the brutality, suffering, blood and crime of the rulers has towered mountain high above that of the weak and obscure victims whose wrongs they have pretended to avenge. And this cruelty does not abate. It is simple madness that doubts the justice of past condemnations and believes in the righteous judgments of today. No condemnation is just, and no judgment is righteous. All violence and force are cruel, unjust and barbarous, and cannot be sustained by the judgment of men.”

The law courts are not the place where we will find our freedom

Freedom or the curtailing of our freedom, is the curtailing of our birth right to that which we need to sustain ourselves in the first place, and this system is geared specifically to deprive us of that right…and all the law courts and protest about the rule of law are not going to change that.

Creating an egalitarian society has always been about giving everyone equal access to their share of the fruits of “mother earth” to sustain us and keep our connection to nature.

The negative effects of this break are there for all to see with our indigenous brothers and sisters who have been recently thrown off the land…who still have the humanity and empathy in tact….they are beautiful people, after everything that has been done to them.

Its not about left or right in politics, politicians keep us enslaved by splitting us and getting us to fight over “bird flu” and the ‘bubonic plague”…the tyranny of choice.

Its about no politics and democratically deciding how best to utilize the resources and science and technology to meet the needs of humanity…even collingwood supporters, and all you have to do is say NO MORE…that’s all there is to it.

Stand on principles, do what is right, do it for your brothers and sister, do it for yourself, you do not want to live on bent knee with head down as a slave….you want to stand head high and look at the world and embrace her, she is all yours, all you have to do is claim your right to her.